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Documentation Assistance for VEHCS - Veterinary Export Health Certification System

We can assist your clinic with all aspects of International Travel Health Certificates - Prep documents and upload all required supporting documents to VEHCS for USDA endorsement. VEHCS is USDA APHIS’s online, secure electronic system for the creation, issuance (complete, sign,date), submission and endorsement of hardcopy health certificates for international export of live animals and germplasm from the United States to foreign countries. VEHCS allows USDA Accredited Veterinarians (AVs) to issue and electronically sign health certificates through the secure server after logging in with their eAuthentication account. With VEHCS it allows us to prepare health certificates for the AV to issue and electronically sign. Tell Vets to add an AV Support Specialist to your clinic today.

Veterinary Export Health Certification System

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