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New dog regulations younger than six months

As of August 1, 2024, a significant new rule will come into effect that impacts pet owners and pet transport services worldwide: no dogs younger than six months will be allowed to enter the United States.

This regulation aims to address health and safety concerns but poses a challenge for individuals and families planning to bring young puppies into the country. Here’s a comprehensive guide on understanding this new rule, potential solutions, and how Across The Pond Pets can help you navigate this change.

Understanding the New Regulation

The new rule set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) prohibits the import of dogs younger than six months into the United States. This measure is primarily aimed at preventing the spread of rabies and other infectious diseases. The age limit ensures that dogs have had enough time to complete their initial vaccination series, which typically includes rabies vaccination administered at 12 weeks of age, with sufficient time to develop immunity.

Solutions for Pet Owners

1. Delaying Pet Travel

If your plans allow, consider delaying the travel until your puppy reaches six months of age. This option ensures that your pet complies with the new regulation without any additional complications.

2. Temporary Foster Care

Arrange for temporary foster care for your puppy in the country of origin until they reach the eligible age. This solution might involve family, friends, or professional pet boarding facilities.

3. Professional Pet Boarding Services

Utilize professional pet boarding services that can provide care for your puppy until they are old enough to travel. Many boarding facilities offer long-term care options that can accommodate the waiting period.

4. Coordinating Vaccinations and Health Certificates

Ensure that your puppy receives all necessary vaccinations and health certificates in a timely manner. Coordinate with your veterinarian to plan the vaccination schedule and obtain the required documentation for travel once your pet reaches the appropriate age.

How Across The Pond Pets Can Help

1. Expert Guidance on Regulations

Across The Pond Pets stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements. Our team can provide you with detailed information about the new rule and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

2. Customized Travel Plans

We can help you create a customized travel plan that aligns with the new regulation. Whether it's rescheduling travel dates or arranging interim care, our experts can tailor a solution that meets your needs.

3. Temporary Boarding and Foster Care Coordination

Across The Pond Pets has a network of reliable boarding facilities and foster care providers. We can help arrange temporary care for your puppy until they are old enough to travel to the USA.

4. Veterinary Support and Documentation

Our team can assist with coordinating veterinary appointments to ensure your puppy receives all necessary vaccinations and health checks. We also help with obtaining and verifying the required health certificates for travel.

5. Stress-Free Travel Experience

From flight bookings to ground transportation, Across The Pond Pets manages all aspects of pet travel logistics. We ensure that your pet's journey is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, adhering to all regulatory requirements.

Pro Tips from Across The Pond Pets

Pro Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Start planning your pet’s travel well in advance. Given the new rule, it’s crucial to factor in additional time for your puppy to reach the eligible age and complete all necessary vaccinations.

Pro Tip 2: Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with any changes or additional requirements related to pet travel regulations. Across The Pond Pets regularly provides updates and resources to keep our clients informed.

Pro Tip 3: Maintain Open Communication

Stay in close communication with your pet travel agent, veterinarian, and any temporary care providers. Clear communication ensures that everyone involved is aware of the timelines and requirements.

Pro Tip 4: Document Everything

Ensure all health records, vaccination certificates, and travel documents are accurately completed and readily available. Proper documentation is critical for a smooth travel process.

Pro Tip 5: Consider Alternative Destinations

If immediate travel to the USA is not feasible, consider temporary relocation to a nearby country with more flexible pet import regulations until your puppy reaches six months of age.

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