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Military Pet Transportation

Across The Pond Pets understands the unique challenges military families face when relocating. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive pet relocation services, ensuring that furry family members can accompany their loved ones on military deployments across the globe.

  • 1. Extensive Experience in Military Pet Relocation:
    With years of experience, Across The Pond Pets has successfully assisted numerous military families in moving their pets internationally, making the process seamless and stress-free.
  • 2. Understanding Military Regulations and Requirements:
    We are well-versed in the specific regulations and requirements imposed by military authorities, including health certifications, documentation, and transportation guidelines. Our team ensures compliance to facilitate a smooth relocation process.
  • 3. Tailored Pet Travel Solutions:
    Across The Pond Pets offers personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of military families. We work closely with clients to create a customized plan, considering factors such as deployment timelines, destination restrictions, and pet well-being.
  • 4. Efficient Coordination and Logistics:
    Our expert team manages all aspects of the pet relocation process, from scheduling flights to coordinating ground transportation. We take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless transition for pets and their families.
  • 5. Pet Health and Safety:
    We prioritize the health and safety of pets during the relocation journey. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that pets receive proper veterinary care, vaccinations, and necessary documentation to meet international travel requirements.
  • 6. Pet-Friendly Airlines and Accommodations:
    Across The Pond Pets partners with reputable airlines that prioritize the well-being of pets during travel. We work closely with these airlines as well as coordinate with military flights to secure the most suitable routes and accommodations for military families and their pets.
  • 7. Support and Communication:
    Our Global Agent provides dedicated support and open communication channels for military families. They understand the emotional bond between military personnel and their pets and offer compassionate assistance throughout the entire relocation process. They are readily available to address any concerns or questions that may arise.
  • 8. Ongoing Assistance:
    Even after the relocation, our Global Agent remains a point of contact for military families, providing ongoing support and guidance. They are committed to building long-term relationships and assisting military families with future pet transportation needs.

At Across The Pond Pets, our Global Agent's expertise and focus on military families ensure that their pets receive the specialized care and attention they deserve. We are honored to serve those who serve our country and strive to make every pet relocation for military families as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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